Exlenvce 1200W LED Grow Light with Bloom and Veg Switch, Daisy Chained Design LED Plant Growing Lamp Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower (Triple-Chips 15W LED)

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Brand: Exlenvce

Color: B1200W


  • 🎄【4 Years Warranty】We are so confident in our products' quality and plant growing abilities that we offer a 4 Year Warranty with friendly customer service and a 90 days unconditional money back guarantee. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will offer you professional guidance to help you help your plants grow better.
  • 🎄【Triple-chips 15W LEDs】its triple-chip 15W LED design (three 5 watt chips per LED), makes this light both brighter and more efficient than what could be produced by one employing either double or single chip LEDs. This new step in LED technology has been scientifically engineered to optimize efficiency and light output by utilizing lower powered LED chips (more efficient) and more chips per LED (brighter). intensely bright light that requires minimal input power.Let your plants grow quickly.
  • 🎄【VEG & BLOOM Double Channel】The VEG channel utilizes a full spectrum of colors for germinating seedlings and young plants consuming 155W of power. The BLOOM channel implements more red wavelengths to simulate late summer and is most suited for plants in the flowering stage while consuming only 80W. VEG and BLOOM can be used together to encourage maximum growth performance from seedling to harvest. This light can replace a traditional 1200W HPS/MH lamp while consuming only 235W total !
  • 🎄【Daisy Chain Available】Daisy Chain multiple lights together in order to keep the grow space organized and avoid the need for excessive wiring. The included power cable serves a double purpose and can be either plugged into a standard outlet or into the Daisy Chain outlet of another grow light. If using the typical 110/120VAC supply, each light draws 2.0A. To ensure safety, not more than 3 lights together per chain. More lights can be implemented in other chains of up to 3 grow lights each.
  • 🎄【Coverage area & Height】The 1200W LED grow light core coverage area is 58x58"(4.9x4.9ft). Maximum coverage area is 70"x70"(5.9x5.9ft). We recommend running the lights 15-18 hours per day during the germination and early leaf stages at a height of between 32-40" and 12-14 hours per day during the flowering and fruiting stages at a height of between 24-32." We suggest both the VEG and BLOOM switches be turned ON during the flowering and fruiting stages of the plants' growth.

Details: The advantage of Exlenvce 1200W LED Grow Light :( Why choose us ? )

👍Bridgelux Triple-Chips LEDs 15W VEG & BLOOM Channels to meet the plants' demand for blue and red light during the two distinct growth periods
👍VEG & BLOOM Double Channel meet the plants' demand for blue and red light during the two distinct growth periods
👍Daisy Chain to link more lights while using fewer wall outlets which helps with growspace organization and light placement
👍 Core coverage area : 58"*58"(4.9*4.9ft),Maximum Coverage area up to 70"*70"(5.9*5.9ft), Ideal for 4-8 plants. It's the best choice for a 4x4 tent.
👍4 Years Long - term warranty, after sale and worry-free customer support responses within 12 hours.

✔1. Chips brand : 15W Bridgelux Triple chips
✔2. Actual Power Consumption: 235W
✔3. Input Voltage : AC85-265V / 50-60HZ
✔4. LED QTY : 120 PCS ( Red,blue,white,warm white,UV,IR )
✔5. Working environment : -20~40degree , 45%~95%RH
✔6. Core coverage area : 58"*58"(4.9*4.9ft)
✔7. Dimensions : 15.8 * 8.2 * 2.8 inch
✔8. Item Net Weight : 6.3 pounds
✔9. Lifespan: 100,000hours
✔10. Warranty : 4 Years warranty

What will you get ?
◆1 x 1200W LED Grow Light
◆1 x Stainless Steel Hanger Hook
◆1 x Adjustable Rope Hanger
◆1 x User Manual for Installation
◆1 x Power Cord (Double Use for Daisy Chain)

Warm Tips:
★.Can be controlled by Timer.
★.No extra ballast is needed.
★.Stop using light when fans are off.
★.Non-Waterproof, Indoor use only.
★.2PCS IR (Infra Red) and 1PCS UV diodes looks dim, this is normal.
★.In case of dazzling,Don't look at the led source by directly without Protective glasses.
★.Some of the LEDs stay on dim when light shuts off because different colors led with different voltage.

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EAN: 705111317992

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