Melnor 16043-RSC Raincloud Internet Controlled Smart Water Irrigation Timer, Kit, Basic

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Brand: Melnor

Color: Basic


  • Control your watering from anywhere you have internet access with a smart phone, tablet or computer. Compatible with Amazon Alexa so your Raincloud will respond to voice commands.
  • Setup is a breeze with a simple plug and play connection to your router and an App that makes scheduling easy and fun. Save water and fully automate with the addition of the AquaSentry Moisture Sensor which detects soil moisture and controls watering automatically
  • Water up to 4 different areas or zones with 1 faucet, all with independent watering schedules with multiple cycles throughout the day
  • No need to dig up your yard for an inground system: Raincloud works with standard garden hoses, drip systems, soaker hoses and all types of sprinklers
  • Melnor provides 7-year warranty for Raincloud. If you experience a product failure issue ever; we replace it. We stand behind our products
  • Approved for use in the U.S. and Canada only
  • For outdoor use only

Details: Automate your watering and simplify your life with the new Melnor Raincloud Smart Watering System. This system allows you to get the benefits of the advanced scheduling available with inground, professionally installed irrigation systems without the extreme costs or mess of digging up your yard for installation. Instead, Raincloud allows you to simply connect up to 4 garden hoses (expandable to 8 with the addition of a second Faucet Valve Unit) and connect to the watering device of your choice: Sprinklers, soaker hoses or even drip irrigation systems. No more trying to program your watering timer on a small, hard to read LCD screen like used on traditional watering timers, instead setup and scheduling is easy and all done on your smart phone or tablet using the free Raincloud App or even using your computer on the Raincloud website. Scheduling Raincloud can be as simple as setting to watering once per day every day with each watering zone, to scheduling each zone to water up to 6 times per day for different amounts of time on different days of the week... You decide how simple or complex you want to set your watering schedule to be for the ultimate in scheduling flexibility! If you live in a location with watering restrictions due to drought or limited water supply, Raincloud has you covered with odd/even calendar day scheduling or even specific days of the week scheduling. You can even fully automate the system with the addition of the Melnor AquaSentry Moisture Sensor. This amazing device senses the moisture level in your soil and only allows the Raincloud to water when the soil is dry... If the soil is already wet enough, it tells Raincloud to skip the watering cycle which saves water and is better for your plants. If you are outside and simply need to turn on the water, Raincloud makes it easy with manual control buttons right at the faucet. Engineered with pride in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, Melnor is your trusted brand for the Great American Lawn.

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