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Windsor Teak Furniture

Windsor's Premium Grade A Teak Lutyens 4pc Set,from Indonesian Plantations, 3 Seater Bench 65"/62 lbs, Two 36"/40lbs Chairs, 47"/40lbs Coffee Table,5 Yr Wnty , List $4600 -SAVE! Teak Lasts A Lifetime!

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Brand: Windsor Teak Furniture

Color: Teak


  • NOTE: If a Seller ONLY advertises "Solid or Natural Teak" it's probably not Grade A Teak but rather Grade B or C. Premium Grade A Teak is harvested after 45 years and creates a much heavier concentration of Teak Oil, which is the Magic Ingredient in Teak that makes it "waterproof". Thus it's longevity outdoors. Plus, Only the Hearts of the tree are used for Grade A Teak Furniture...Not the Outter Sap Wood part of the tree.....
  • .Thereby creating a Better Quality Furniture with less Knots and imperfections and no signs of sap
  • Also, if a Merchant advertises "Grade A Teak" and the furniture has alot of knots, imperfections, and signs of sap in the wood...Most likely the Teak Isn't Grade A
  • In addition, from our experience when lesser Grades of Teak are used.... Poor Workmanship usually follows suit...exhibited by poorly fitted pieces of teak and improper alignment throughout the teak furniture. If you can't see the teak furniture in person...the Customer Reviews are the next best thing!
  • Invest in Authentic Grade A Teak Furniture!

Details: We offer Grade A Premium Teak products...If a company advertises ONLY "Solid Teak"'s probably not Grade A Premium Teak... Lutyens Teak Collection was inspired by the Lutyens Bench that was originally designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens , an English architect in the early 1900's. He is often referred as the greatest British architect ever and today you can see his original bench in the world famous Gardens at Sissinghurst Castle in Kent , England. A Lutyens bench can also be seen in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, D.C. Our version is true to the original with curved arms, a distinctive arched back design, and the clean simple lines of the long flat seat. No wonder it's the most popular teak bench in Europe! Sure to become a family heirloom. The Lutyens Teak Collection includes one Lutyens 3 Seater Bench, two Lutyens Armchairs, and one Lutyens 47" Coffee Table. Some assembly........ Bench 65"w x 22"d x 41"h Seat 18" h ... 62 lbs of Grade A Teak, .......Chair 36"w x 22"d x 41"h Seat 18" h... 40 lbs of Grade A Teak,...... Table 47"w x 25"d x 19"h ... 40 lbs of Grade A Teak....All Grade A Heirloom Quality Teak, harvested after 45-50 years from sustainable Teak plantations. Only the hearts of the trees are used in Grade A Teak furniture. Superior craftsmanship with machine-made mortise and tendon joints that provides maximum dependability along with marine grade stainless steel hardware. * Finally, our teak is Kiln-Dried before construction to an optima moisture content of 8-12%. Not sun-dried or air-dried. This allows for the furniture to dry to the core and reduces cracking, splitting, and warping for decades ........We have competitors that sell this Lutyens Set for over $4600 ...we made a Special Purchase from the Teak Factory to bring you this special incredible price! 5 YEAR WARRANTY. Windsor Teak Imports warrants to the original purchaser, that our teak furniture is free of defects in material and workmanship. Click below for complete warranty.

UPC: 640052681880

EAN: 0640052681880

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